Tuesdays With Maui

Maui and I pose outside a shop with a sign in the window that says Service Dogs ONLY.
Maui is no ordinary Golden Retriever. She has VIP access to any public location, including restaurants and movie theaters. When she's caught sleeping in class, nobody minds.
Maui and I riding in a taxi.
As my Assistance Dog, Maui's job is to accompany me wherever I go. If I drop an object, she picks it up. If I need a door opened, she handles it. Because of her, I am able to lead a more independent life.
Maui in her geisha Halloween costume.
There are many rules Maui has to follow, and these rules can seem unfair to humans. But to Maui, the job is a game. She is rewarded for "tricks" and is allowed to be with her human all day long!
Maui sticking her head between the vertical blinds to see out our living room sliding glass door.
If there are no health or behavioral problems after the first year, the future service dog is moved to Paws with a Cause headquarters where it is matched with a client on the waiting list.
Maui getting her leash crossed with Lulu's while on a walk.
Maui is gentle and responds well to vocal commands, but she also has a lot of energy. This makes her a perfect match for me because I have limited upper body strength and I lead a very active life.
Maui with her front paws resting on the keys of a painted street piano in Denver.
Taking an adorable Golden Retriever everywhere with me has led to many interesting experiences. By sharing them with you, I hope to spread awareness of Service Dogs and issues affecting people with disabilities.

Favorite Charities

Paws with a Cause

PAWS logo.

Learn about the amazing work this organization does for people with disabilities. PAWS dogs are valued at around $20,000, but are offered to their clients at no charge. This is possible because of corporate charitable donations and generous people around the country. You can make a donation, or sign up to be a foster puppy raiser.

The Humane Society of the United States

Humane Society logo.

As one of the leading organizations working on animal rights issues, The HSUS is a national advocate for responsible public policy toward animals and wildlife. It focuses on issues such as animal cruelty, factory farming, wildlife management, animal experimentation, and animal rescue, among many others. The HSUS also works at the local level to provide a safe haven for animals in need.

Amnesty International

Amnesty logo.

Maui may be a dog, but she is also a dedicated human rights activist! We are deeply involved with both our campus local (yay! I graduated!) chapter of AI and the larger global movement. As one of the most respected human rights organizations in the world, AI focuses on issues such as prisoners of conscience, the death penalty, the genocide in Darfur, torture, and violence against women, among many other human rights problems. Write a letter today and learn the power of your signature.